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to Join the WOrld Healing Team 

All people are experiencing increasing amounts of negative energy. This negative energy is affecting all of us both consciously and unconsciously as we live our lives. Here’s how. 

Every day, we hear about a multitude of negative events that are occurring all over the earth. Not only are they creating great turmoil and disruption, but they seem to be increasing rapidly. There are wars, floods, tornados, fires, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, famines, killings, bank failures, foreclosures, robberies, kidnappings, loss of jobs, political upheavals and much more. You have only to look at a daily newspaper or listen to a TV or radio newscast to validate this. These negative events are becoming the norm and create a huge amount of negative energy. This energy not only weighs all of us down but weighs the earth down as well. This means a blanket of heavy negative energy now literally encompasses the earth.

Making this more ominous, people are being drawn into this negative energy more and more because there is so much of it. This causes new negative events to be formed which in turn adds more negative energy to the already heavy negative energy blanket. Notice that just by reading this list of negative events, you may feel heavy. Many of us are getting the a point where we do not even want to read a newspaper or listen to the news because the heaviness we feel is just too oppressive.

Another ominous aspect of this heavy negative energy is the great physical and emotional stress it is creating in people.  This is making them sick with a multitude of illnesses.   Think for a moment.  How many people do you talk with every day where physical and emotional issues are brought up?  People are becoming more and more concerned and focused on their health.

Looking at this another way; let’s assume you went to bed one night and placed a blanket over yourself to be warm and comfortable. Now let’s assume that a second blanket was placed over you and then a third blanket and a fourth blanket causing you to become considerably warmer than you wished. In fact, you became so uncomfortable that you found yourself wanting to get out from under the weight and discomfort of the blankets. That is what the earth is experiencing right now. It feels the burden of the heavy negative energy blanket and wants to get out from underneath it. We humans feel this energy also. We want to get out from underneath the negative energy being generated by all the awful events occurring


Take a look at some powerful channeled guidance  our team leader, Ed Kuiper received.  This guidance opens our minds to more important information we must know to address the issue of negative energy.  It also advises us how to address the issue.

“Right now, the earth is in a precarious situation. The earth is affected in a way that at any moment it can shift its whole position. The reason this is precarious is due to negative energy which is blanketing it and weighing it down. This negative energy comes from all of the tumultuous events bombarding it as well as the multitude of negative words spoken and negative thoughts and actions put forth by people all over the earth. Should the weight of this negative energy continue to increase and press down long enough, the earth literally will be put into a spin or shift. This will result in cities being crushed and disappearing and there will be large losses of life. Water bodies also will shift and land masses will be covered with that water. Again there will be much loss of life. For those who survive, adjusting will be incredibly difficult." "We do not tell you tell you this to frighten you but to get your attention and make you aware that conditions are present right now that have occurred many times before in the history of the earth …. and …. catastrophic shifts did occur. "

"By changing the negative energy blanket now present to a positive, loving energy blanket, a shift to the negative can be avoided. It must be done NOW! Thousands of people must participate to get this task done. Make it your intention to join a team of people from all over the world and have members of this team project positive loving energy toward the earth and to its inhabitants.

This shift will have the effect of changing the negative energy blanket into a wonderful loving state. Not only will the energy be much lighter, but it will raise the consciousness of people on earth so they will be much more loving to each other. The earth, in turn, will be a much more loving place to live.. Understand that you have the opportunity to change the destiny of planet earth and its inhabitants." 


If you find yourself resonating with these revelations, we invite you to join us on the World Healing Team and help us make powerful energy adjustments to the earth and the people who inhabit it. Invite your friends, relatives and anyone else you know to join us also. We must develop the critical mass of people required so we can make the difference that is so needed. We can do it by using our energetic connection!!! 

Our Energetic Connection

Because everyone and everything is made up of energy, we are energetically connected with every human being on earth as well as the earth itself. This means we can transmit healing light (energy) to the Earth and to people who need our help. Our intention powerfully amplifies any transmissions as our thoughts are made up of energy.


The World Healing Team has a powerful two-old mission.
1. To transmit healing light (energy) to the earth to help lift and dissolve the heavy negative energy weighing it down.

2. To transmit healing light (energy) to specific people identified by the team who are ill or in some sort of emotional distress

So How Can WE Prevent a Catastrophic Even From Occurring?

All group members individually transmit healing light (energy) to the earth and to new individuals based upon information they are provided the prior day from requests that people make. Even though our group members transmit at different times, each of them creates powerful frequencies which amplify their connection with frequencies of individuals receiving the light and with the frequency of the earth. It’s very important to recognize that once energy is received, any receiving person actually retains this energy forever as does the Earth. Most important, they will have absorbed multiple layers of positive healing light from our multiple transmissions.

Know that we are not transmitting light (energy) with the intention of healing any specific issue. Instead we are directing it to the negative energy encompassing the earth and to the “higher self” of any receiving person. The higher self then makes the best determination about what to do with the energy it receives. In this way, a person may benefit in ways he or she has not considered and ways we have not considered.


Simply click the button below and fill out the requested information to sign up with the World Healing Team. After we receive your information, we'll send you a welcome email containing links to the exact procedures you will need to transmit healing light (energy) to individuals needing our help and to the earth.

Please invite your friends, relatives and anyone else you know to join us. We must develop the critical mass of people required to make the difference that is so needed.

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